Best Voice Over Classes in NYC

How do you best prepare yourself for a profitable career in voice over? Just like any other career, becoming a successful voice over talent takes training and natural skill. The Voice Shop specializes in training and helping you develop the skills crucial to becoming a voice over pro.

Our comprehensive list of classes cover everything from technique, tips for teens, auditions and demo recording. We work with many commercial clients who search for voice over talent on a consistent basis. With clients such as: UNICEF, Mastercard, Mercedes Benz, Calvin Klein, NBC, ESPN, Telemundo and Sony we are always looking for and casting talented voice over artists.

Whether you are just beginning your voice over career or are an experienced professional, we offer classes to fit any skill level. Our teachers and coaches are all seasoned voice over professionals with years of valuable experience in this industry.

Our Most Popular Classes

No matter your skill level or your intended voice over professional direction, we have classes to fit your need.

  • Fundamentals of Voice Over: This class is perfect for those people just starting out in the voice over industry. Our 2 ½ hour class will teach you about the voice over industry, allow you to record in the booth and receive a private evaluation.

  • Intermediate Essentials: In this 3 part course intermediate essentials course, you will implement the techniques learned in the fundamentals class. You will also spend more time in the recording booth.

  • Advanced Techniques: Applying what you learned in the first 2 classes, this is a more intensive class. With smaller class sizes and more booth time, this class will allow the more seasoned artist to hone their skills.

  • Commercial Audition Techniques: Learn to refine your auditioning skills, align yourself with industry trends and direct your delivery. Master level course.

  • Intro to Podcasting: Learn all about podcasting in this 2 ½ hour class. Learn about genre, format, engineering and marketing your podcast.

  • Narration of Audiobooks: This 2 ½ hour class on audiobook narration will give you the skills, technique and practice for reading aloud.

  • Animation Voice Over Workshop: This 3 hour comprehensive class will teach techniques for animation and video game voice overs. Learn about the industry, record in the booth and receive a private evaluation.

  • Voice Over for Teens: Especially geared to teens, this 2 hour class will help the teen discover and create characters and learn the secrets of their favorite animated characters.

  • Intro to Spanish Voice Overs: Our 3 hour Spanish voice over class will cover an industry overview, finding your authentic voice, an evaluation and proper mic techniques.

  • So, You Want to Be an Influencer?: This 3 hour course will give you a good overview of social media platforms, give you the skills to develop a following and teach you how to be true online influencer.

  • Subtle Self Promotion...In Socks: In this FREE seminar, learn multiple ways to promote yourself while staying inside your comfort zone.

  • Private Lessons: Customized to your specific needs, your private session can include: helpful critiques for an upcoming audition, take more advanced training, or whatever you need. Available via skype or in studio.

  • Create Your Demo: Privately record and produce your voice over demo under the direction and supervision of our talented coaches and sound engineers.

Not sure which class best fits your needs? No problem, we offer free consultations in which we will give you voice over guidance and direction, suggesting the correct classes to fit your skill level and needs.

Become a Pro with The Voice Shop

Whether you are a seasoned voice over professional or just beginning your career, our courses are designed to boost your VO skills and technique. Our teachers and coaches are all industry professionals and want to help you become a successful VO artist. Sign up for one of our elite voice over courses today to successfully launch your professional career. Or simply call 212-213-9487 for your free consultation today!

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