Voice Over Workshops: NYC

Whether it’s one-on-one sessions, group classes, or voice over workshops, the Voice Shop here in NYC offers a range of voice over resources to help you get your career started. Of course, our VO classes and workshops aren’t only geared toward those just entering the industry. In fact, our workshop webinars are geared for working artists seeking to further promote their brand, or create their very own home studio. Nevertheless, we have classes that offer something for every level of voice actor. In short, voice over workshops are a valuable resource when it comes to breaking into the industry, and you can get started right here at the Voice Shop.

Each class and workshop we offer focuses on a single discipline, from advanced voice over techniques to a masterclass for broadcast work. Then we have our open coaching hours, webinars, and more. In regards to our more workshop-oriented classes, we’ve provided some detail as to what each covers below, as well as how each can help you in your efforts to become a working talent.

Our Voice Over Workshops

Catering to aspiring voice over artists located virtually anywhere, we offer two web-based workshops here at the Voice Shop. This way, anyone who can’t make it into our NYC studio don’t have to miss out. For those that are located near us, we have plenty of classes on site. Regardless, the aforementioned workshop webinars, specifically, are best suited for working artists, or those who are ready to find voice over work. We’ve detailed each webinar below.

Marketing Your Brand

Creating your voice over demo is only half the work in landing jobs. In establishing yourself as a working voice over artist, you’ll need to promote yourself (your brand), and know how to approach agents, managers, production companies, and so on. Considering all this, our webinar is designed to focus on just that: marketing your brand and understanding the industry. The two-hour webinar is broken into a few key topics:

  • Creating a Website: Creating a website is one thing, but ensuring it’s easy to find and navigate through is another. You’ll learn how to best present yourself online and how to highlight your demo and past work.

  • Marketing Your Voice: Aside from on your site, you’ll learn how to market yourself to agents, studios, and directors—which is key in making connections and finding work.

  • Understanding Union vs. Non-Union: In this segment, we’ll discuss the differences between union and non-union work, as well as determine the potential pros and cons of such.

  • Recording Session Etiquette: Just like it sounds, we’ll help you understand proper etiquette for the studio, including interacting with clients and studio personnel.

Building & Improving Your Home Studio

For established voice over artists, it may make sense at a certain point to build your own home studio—depending on the amount of work you get. In this voice over workshop, we’ll cover everything that’s needed in building a quality studio and attaining optimal sound. As with our Marketing Your Brand webinar, the workshop is essentially broken into 4 segments:

  • Understanding Costs: Seeing as how expensive the equipment for building a recording studio can be, we’ll help you understand all of the initial costs and how you should allocate your funds between factors like sound proofing and equipment needs.

  • Isolation & Acoustical Treatment: From learning how to isolate your recording space from outside noise to understanding proper acoustical treatment, you’ll learn how to setup the studio to attain optimal sound in recordings.

  • Equipment and Installation: Covering the many different types of mics, preamps, compressors, and speakers, the equipment & installation segment will help you pick the right equipment for your needs and budget. Not only that, but we’ll also discuss proper installation for audio, power, and data cabling.

  • Remote Connectivity: With working from home comes the need for remote connectivity, such as ISDN, Source Connect, or ipDTL. In this segment, we’ll discuss each, covering the basic of connecting to remote parties and what technology may be best.

Don’t Forget Voice Over Lessons

Aside from our voice over workshops, we also offer a range of classes in our NYC studio. Here, we have introductory classes as well as a Creating Your Demo workshop where you can work with a professional coach and record a demo here in the studio. Whether you’re interested in our voice or workshops our classes in NYC, either option will provide valuable insight as to how the industry works, how to find your voice, specific techniques, and more.

If you’d like more information about becoming a voice over artists and key tips for doing so, we have plenty of resources on site. We’ve provided some helpful pages below:

Get Started Today

If you’re interested in any of our classes or workshops here at the Voice Shop, be sure to contact us. No matter your skill level, you’ll gain important information necessary in maintaining a VO career. You can give us a call today at 212-213-9487.

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