Our students have gone on to very exciting voice over careers. CMD has hired many students from our classes who have become regular working voice actors for CMD projects. You can hear our students’ voices on commercials for:

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Student Spotlight: Wolf Williams


We at The Voice Shop are so proud of our students and their accomplishments, and we want to spotlight the amazing Wolf Williams. His inimitable baritone was one of the first to grace The Voice Shop classes, and Wolf has since found great success in animation and voiceover. We had the privilege of cutting his demo reel and we are elated to see his growth and success in the business. Wolf has a voice both commanding and comforting, and we are confident that he will see continued success in the field. You can hear him now on the comedy-fantasy podcast Wizazon (think Tolkien meets The Office) as Seth the Dragon, and in his audiobooks for nonprofit Learning Ally. Keep on howling, Wolf.

"I have taken several classes at The Voice Shop and highly recommend that anyone interested in the voiceover world or even those who are simply looking for a refresher course, try the classes. Michael George is an incredible coach. His knowledge, experience and passion for the voiceover business is unmatched. He has the incredible ability to steer you in the right direction and help you find the voice that is unique to you. He is inspiring, motivating and I left his class with a new found confidence and the motivation and roadmap that I didn't have before. If you are considering getting into voiceover work or have worked in voiceovers and are looking for classes that will help you build on the skills that you already have, the voice shop is the place for you!"
• Dana P - professional VO artist

"Any working VO artist knows that learning never stops, and taking Michael George's class at The Voice Shop was just that and more. A true gift! Michael imparted his wealth of knowledge onto us and I gleaned things from his class that I used in my very next audition. Michael critiques your reads thoughtfully and his personalized feedback in the moment helps you deliver a more compelling read. Michael was a stranger to me, he did not know my work, my strengths or my resume, and his genuine interest in myself and each of my classmates is what sets him apart from other coaches and instructors. If you want to grow as a VO actor and feel more confident in your approach, get yourself to The Voice Shop!"
• Diahanna D - professional VO artist

"Michael George provided me with my very first introduction to the art of mastering voiceovers. We worked on commercial and promo technique, and nailing auditions in the VO booth. Mike gave me the tools to quickly and easily interpret VO copy in any situation. His expertise, enthusiasm, encouragement, and warmth helped tremendously in the process. I am forever grateful to Mike, who gave me my start in this career, and am currently a happily thriving, working voiceover artist."
• Allegra C - professional VO artist

"Coach Allyson Johnson was amazing, working with me one-on-one to achieve more in an hour than I thought possible. She encouraged me to push hard to improve my technique and made the whole experience fun and challenging."
• Margaret L - VO student

"As an Actress/Voice-Over Talent new to NYC 15 years ago, I was searching for any ‘rope to hold onto’. Michael George is one of the most professional, dedicated, and supportive people in the industry. Not only does this make him a great casting director, but also an awesome teacher! I’m very happy to know him and work with him to this day."
• Carolyn H - entrepreneur/small business owner, VO talent

"I would not be the voiceover artist I am today without Michael George's coaching skills."
• Judd H - professional VO artist

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