So, You Want to be an Influencer?

3 hour class covering all aspects of becoming an influencer.
Receive an introduction to social media platforms, gain the skills to develop a following, and learn what it means to have true influence online.

Industry Overview
In 2018 the word “influencer” is being thrown around left and right. We’ll talk about what it means to have true influence online and a high level of how that is developed.

Examples of strong influencers
Look at examples of who is doing it right vs who is missing the mark online. Find out what goes on in the mind of an influencer marketing sponsorship buyer so you can win deals from major brands.

Developing a Persona Online
This section will be a discussion about what the participants are passionate about and how that can translate into influencing that sphere online.

Is being an influencer right for me?
Being a social media influencer is probably harder and requires more of a time commitment than you’d imagine. We will explore the ins and outs of what it entails as well as discuss some potential end goals to shoot for if you believe this is something you are serious about pursuing.


Michael Pomposello has spent the past 5 years helping some of the largest brands on Earth, such as Advance Auto Parts, Macy's, Procter & Gamble, cut through the noise and partner with the bestinfluencers in their vertical. In that time, he has learned the formula for what makes an influencer effective and is eager to share his know-how with people who are looking to rise the ranks and establish their voice as a social media influencer online.

Class Notes: no special prep is required.


 December 5, 2018
  6:00pm – 9pm
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