Private Skype Voice Over Classes

The voice over industry is booming with more opportunities for voice artists than ever before. Those opportunities are coming from all over the United States. At The Voice Shop, we offer a wide variety of classes that cover virtually every facet of the voice over industry. Our classes aren’t just targeted to new artists, many seasoned professionals find that voice over courses and lessons help to polish their persona and keep up to date with the latest industry trends. Here at The Voice Shop, we understand that as a busy professional you may not be able to attend courses in person, and because of that we offer private voice over lessons through Skype.

Benefits of Private Skype Lessons

One on one private lessons with our seasoned voice over coaches can prove most beneficial. From the comfort of your own home, a hotel room or our private offices, you’ll learn the tips and tricks that have made our coaches popular and successful voice artists. More benefits include:

  • Coaches will focus their full attention on you

  • Hone in on developing your strengths

  • Ask specific questions and practice various disciplines

  • Work at your own speed

  • You choose the direction of and techniques taught at each lesson

We work with many commercial clients who search for voice over talent on a consistent basis. With clients such as: UNICEF, Mastercard, Mercedes Benz, Calvin Klein, NBC, NBA, ESPN, Telemundo and Sony we are always looking for and casting talented voice over artists. Private lessons aren’t the only online option we offer, check out our webinar options below.

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Whether you are a seasoned voice over professional or just beginning your career, our courses are designed to boost your VO skills and technique. Our instructors and coaches are all industry professionals who want to help you become a successful VO artist. Sign up for one of our elite voice over courses today to successfully launch your professional career. Or simply call 212-213-9487 for your free consultation!

Voice Over Schools in New York

Have you been considering a career in voice over but fear you lack the skill necessary to be successful? A New York voice over school could be just what you are looking for. Finding the right school for you could be tricky. How do you know what to look for and what classes would be valuable for the professional direction you intend to take? We’ve compiled a guide to choosing the right New York voice over school.

What to Look For

When looking for a seasoned voice over school, there are several things you’ll want to ensure are available to you. Here are the top things to look for:

  • Courses are for all levels: You’ll need to make sure you have the fundamentals of the industry and that class material isn’t more than you can handle. As your skill level improves, more in-depth classes, honing your skills, will be needed.

  • Private lessons: Occasionally, you may need individual direction or tips for recording. The ability to have a private session will be crucial.

  • Webinar or internet classes: This may not seem like a deciding factor when you’re just starting out as you have lots of spare time. However, once you become a busy professional, internet classes will be convenient.

  • Integrated services: Combining voice over classes with a premier audio studio will provide valuable guided recording time.

If you are looking for world class voice over classes from industry professionals, sign up for one of our elite voice over courses today! Successfully launch your professional career today. We also provide a free consultation to our new clients wherein you can ensure we have the courses you are looking for. Working under CMD, we have the ability to offer our clients integrated services, combining premier recording services and elite training. A combination that is unrivaled.

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Voice Over is a billion dollar industry and growing stronger every day. At the Voice Shop, we are committed to helping you reach your dreams. We have consistently trained and then cast thousands of voice over artists with high profile companies. We not only provide highly effective voice over training classes, we also teach you all about the industry and how to become a sought after artist. Our coaches and teachers are all industry professionals with years of valuable voice over experience. Call today at 212-213-9487!

Voice Over Jobs NYC

Jobs in the voice over industry can be difficult to come by. Working with someone with connections is proving to be the way to become successful. While hiring an agent is certainly a possibility, it isn’t always necessary to becoming a popular voice over artist. In addition to our comprehensive voice over voice over classes, we work under CMD and hundreds of high profile companies who are always looking for talented voice over artists.

What Can the Voice Shop Do for You?

As one of the first audio production companies to post talent demos on the internet for easier talent selection, our mother company CMD is the #1 company in the industry to integrate voice over technology. With clients such as UNICEF, Mastercard, Mercedes Benz, Telemundo, Sony and many more, we have the unique opportunity to cast hundreds of our artists into commercial voice over gigs.

Whether you work exclusively with CMD or choose to branch out on your own, the skills you learn here will be invaluable. That knowledge and industry experience obtained from The Voice Shop professionals will provide you with a competitive advantage in a cut-throat industry.

What Types of Jobs are Available?

Voice over artists are in high demand in our digital world. From radio and podcasting to anime and virtual reality, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the most popular voice over jobs on the market:

  • Automated Dialog Replacement

  • Anime

  • Audiobooks

  • Cartoons/Animation

  • Commercials

  • E-Learning

  • Internet

  • Radio

  • Telephone and IVR Jobs

  • Video Gaming

A majority of these jobs, you probably hadn’t even considered as being in the voice over industry. Wherever there is technology and innovation, there is sure to be a need for talented voice over artists.

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The Voice Shop offers courses on creating your professional voice over voice and persona. With billions of dollars in the voice over industry, now is the time to develop your lucrative voice over career. Along with our on-site classes, we offer dozens of online courses designed for the convenience of the busy professional. Working with CMD, your voice over career is right at your fingertips. Call 212-213-9487 to get started today!

Best Voice Over Classes in NYC

How do you best prepare yourself for a profitable career in voice over? Just like any other career, becoming a successful voice over talent takes training and natural skill. The Voice Shop specializes in training and helping you develop the skills crucial to becoming a voice over pro.

Our comprehensive list of classes cover everything from technique, tips for teens, auditions and demo recording. We work with many commercial clients who search for voice over talent on a consistent basis. With clients such as: UNICEF, Mastercard, Mercedes Benz, Calvin Klein, NBC, ESPN, Telemundo and Sony we are always looking for and casting talented voice over artists.

Whether you are just beginning your voice over career or are an experienced professional, we offer classes to fit any skill level. Our teachers and coaches are all seasoned voice over professionals with years of valuable experience in this industry.

Our Most Popular Classes

No matter your skill level or your intended voice over professional direction, we have classes to fit your need.

  • Fundamentals of Voice Over: This class is perfect for those people just starting out in the voice over industry. Our 2 ½ hour class will teach you about the voice over industry, allow you to record in the booth and receive a private evaluation.

  • Intermediate Essentials: In this 3 part course intermediate essentials course, you will implement the techniques learned in the fundamentals class. You will also spend more time in the recording booth.

  • Advanced Techniques: Applying what you learned in the first 2 classes, this is a more intensive class. With smaller class sizes and more booth time, this class will allow the more seasoned artist to hone their skills.

  • Commercial Audition Techniques: Learn to refine your auditioning skills, align yourself with industry trends and direct your delivery. Master level course.

  • Intro to Podcasting: Learn all about podcasting in this 2 ½ hour class. Learn about genre, format, engineering and marketing your podcast.

  • Narration of Audiobooks: This 2 ½ hour class on audiobook narration will give you the skills, technique and practice for reading aloud.

  • Animation Voice Over Workshop: This 3 hour comprehensive class will teach techniques for animation and video game voice overs. Learn about the industry, record in the booth and receive a private evaluation.

  • Voice Over for Teens: Especially geared to teens, this 2 hour class will help the teen discover and create characters and learn the secrets of their favorite animated characters.

  • Intro to Spanish Voice Overs: Our 3 hour Spanish voice over class will cover an industry overview, finding your authentic voice, an evaluation and proper mic techniques.

  • So, You Want to Be an Influencer?: This 3 hour course will give you a good overview of social media platforms, give you the skills to develop a following and teach you how to be true online influencer.

  • Subtle Self Promotion...In Socks: In this FREE seminar, learn multiple ways to promote yourself while staying inside your comfort zone.

  • Private Lessons: Customized to your specific needs, your private session can include: helpful critiques for an upcoming audition, take more advanced training, or whatever you need. Available via skype or in studio.

  • Create Your Demo: Privately record and produce your voice over demo under the direction and supervision of our talented coaches and sound engineers.

Not sure which class best fits your needs? No problem, we offer free consultations in which we will give you voice over guidance and direction, suggesting the correct classes to fit your skill level and needs.

Become a Pro with The Voice Shop

Whether you are a seasoned voice over professional or just beginning your career, our courses are designed to boost your VO skills and technique. Our teachers and coaches are all industry professionals and want to help you become a successful VO artist. Sign up for one of our elite voice over courses today to successfully launch your professional career. Or simply call 212-213-9487 for your free consultation today!

NY Podcast

NY Podcast

Starting a podcast can be a difficult process if you don’t know where to start. From buying equipment to distributing on podcast platforms, there is a bit to learn before you create and launch your podcast. Luckily, there are a lot of resources in NY to help you learn If you live in New York and are looking for a way to learn more about podcasting, you’ve come to the right place.

The Voice Shop is now offering courses to help you start and grow your own podcast. You will get the best information on everything revolving around podcasts including, voice, equipment, recording, and editing. If you want to get the best quality sound for your podcast and make sure it reaches an audience, you can learn a lot through our courses. Here are some tips to starting a podcast in New York.

Starting Your Podcast

The first steps to making a podcast is figuring out everything you need to record a podcast. The first ingredient is definitely a computer or laptop. There you’ll be able to perform the actual recording, editing, and distribution of your podcast. You’ll need recording equipment, recording software, and access to the Internet. Once you have everything you’ll also want to make sure you have a quiet room to record in.

Of course, these are just the basics to what you’ll need. You also need a topic, audience for your show, and a distribution platform. The topic should be something you are knowledgeable and passionate about. This will make it easy for you to record episodes regularly. You also need to know where you are going to post episodes so they are distributed through all the channels.

Building an Audience

The most important aspect to your podcast aside from making it is your listeners. Every podcast needs an audience and knowing the right techniques to build an audience is crucial. You need to know what methods to follow in order to maximize your reach and gain loyal listeners.

This can be the most difficult part about podcasting and it never ends. Podcasters are constantly trying new ways to build their audience and make sure they keep their loyal following. Tracking your growth is also important so you get an idea of the value of your podcast. Monetization is going to rely on a steady audience. If you want to earn money through your podcast, building an audience is the best way to do so.

Sign Up for Podcasting Classes Today!

The Voice Shop offers great classes that will give you a clear understanding on creating podcasts. We provide industry overviews, podcast engineering, and marketing and growth. If you are ready to start your own podcast and make sure it makes an impact, don’t hesitate to get in contact with The Voice Shop. You can sign up for Podcast Classes here!

New York City Recording Studio

There is a growing demand for professional voice over artists. Audio production is a 15 million dollar industry, with over 50 million radio listeners every week. There is more competition than ever, and recording at a professional studio will help differentiate you from the rest.

The Voice Shop is a premiere casting, recording, and mixing studio that offers classes and consultations with seasoned industry veterans. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to hone your voice over skills, there is a Voice Shop class for you. We understand that the competition is fierce, and businesses want the best voices to tell their story. Our mission is to help students establish the skills necessary to succeed as professionals. Some of our past clients include Calvin Klein, NBC, Telemundo, and ESPN. We excel at meeting client needs and producing the highest standard of voice over.

If you’re ready to begin a career in voice over, or you are looking for a place to improve your skills, call 212.213.9487 for a free consultation. Our New York City Recording Studio is located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, located by Grand Central and Penn Station. Our Pro Tools HD rooms are fully equipped for voice over, narration, dubbing, ADR, and VR audio. Stop by for a visit, tour, or consultation, and we’ll show you into our comfortable studio.

Cast, Record and Mix

At The Voice Shop at CMD, we help businesses tell their story. Finding the right voice over has never been so easy. Check out our selection of voice over talent. We specialize in international casting with over 80 language and accents. Our expert casting directors will find the perfect voice for your business.

Our Pro Tools HD recording studio produces the highest level of voice over quality. Although our main studio is in New York, we can connect with artists across the world with ISDN and Source-Connect. In-house artists can record while enjoying the spacious, naturally-lit penthouse equipped with a lounge and kitchen. Hear your projects come to life with The Voice Shop’s premium recording technology that captures some of the world’s best voice over talent.

Once the casting and recording are complete, the final stage is mixing. At The Voice Shop at CMD, we work with some of the industry’s leading visionaries. Our audio mixing team will deliver a final product that sounds great across all platforms. We take production seriously, and we have mixed for Super Bowl commercials, podcasts, documentaries, and video games. Businesses can rest assured that at The Voice Shop, their project is in good hands.

Call or Visit Us Online

If you’re looking to expand your brand by telling its story, or you’re a voice actor who wants to begin a career in voice over, call us at 212.213.9487. For information about our classes, coaches, and previous clients, peruse our website today!

Voice Over Classes in New York City

Voice over is a rapid-growing 15 billion dollar industry. Companies such as Mastercard, Mercedes Benz, Calvin Klien, NBC, and others have recruited CMD voice actors to record for their commercial needs. If you’d like to begin a career in voice over, CMD offers a variety of classes at our premium New York City recording facility. We will give you free consultations to help you determine which class is the best for you. Whether you are just beginning or would like to work with experts to touch up your skills, CMD classes will help you enhance your career.

Since 1998, CMD has cast, recorded, and mixed hundreds of voice artists. Our incredible roster of talent will help businesses tell their stories. Visit our website to listen to samples of our diverse voice talent. Business looking to build their brand and share a message will benefit from quality voice over. As the podcasting industry thrives and radio marketing continues to reach millions, businesses are turning to audio advertising. People trust a human voice more than a printed ad, and businesses need talented voice actors to meet their client needs.

Begin Your Voice Over Career 

Our mission at The Voice Shop at CMD is to help emerging talent establish the voice and skills necessary to succeed. Taking classes at an established studio such as ours will allow beginners to break into the lucrative voice over industry. Call 212.213.9847 for a free consultation today. We will give you an in-depth look at our different classes to determine the best fit for you. After a tour of the studio and a personal assessment, you can choose from our technique or mastery classes.

For those outside of New York, we offer webinar workshops so that people at home can learn how to improve their voice overs. Also, we help beginners learn how to self-direct their recordings so they can confidently run their personal studios. Students can then create their own demos under the direction and supervision of our coaches and audio engineers.

Those looking to learn the fundamentals of voice over or the intermediate essentials will benefit from our selection of classes. Foreign language speakers looking to break into the audio industry can come record and take classes with the Voice Shop at CMD. As podcasts and audiobooks continue to rise in popularity, businesses and studios need voice professionals. We have a proven client list of some of the largest companies, and they are always looking for talented individuals to tell their stories.

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Visit our website for more information about classes or to read testimonials from previous students. Also, read about our coaches and how they will help you begin your voice over career.

Beginner Tips: Type of Voice Overs

The voice over acting industry is highly sought after and incredibly competitive. To differentiate yourself, you will need to choose the type of voice over to focus on. In short, there are many different types of voice overs, and you can read more about them with the Voice Shop at CMD.

Choosing Your Type of Voice Over

Once you have decided the voice over industry is for you, you will need to take steps to truly get your foot in the door. This includes taking voice acting lessons from the Voice Shop at CMD, creating a demo reel, and distributing it to agencies and casting directors alike.

You will also need to choose the type of voice overs to focus on. Narration, television commercials, and radio advertisements are just a few of the different types and each requires a specialized skill set and voice. Luckily, with the Voice Shop at CMD, we can help train your voice to meet the style and tone of the work your want to focus on.

For example, those who are interested in animation voice overs for kids will need to have a more playful tone, while a medical narration will require a more authoritative sound. Practice makes perfect and with our classes, you will be able to train your voice to become more versatile.

Voice Over Classes

Even established voice over talents continue to take voice over classes to further hone their skills. At the Voice Shop at CMD, we offer a variety of classes to help voice over talents continue to improve their skills. Whether you are in need of beginner’s classes, or more advanced techniques, our team of experts can help you improve on your skills to help land future voice over jobs.

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Whether you are a beginner looking to break into the voice over industry or have years of experience and simply want to improve your skills, the Voice Shop at CMD is here to help. Contact us today by calling our Manhattan office at 212.213.9487.

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