Voice Over Jobs NYC

Jobs in the voice over industry can be difficult to come by. Working with someone with connections is proving to be the way to become successful. While hiring an agent is certainly a possibility, it isn’t always necessary to becoming a popular voice over artist. In addition to our comprehensive voice over voice over classes, we work under CMD and hundreds of high profile companies who are always looking for talented voice over artists.

What Can the Voice Shop Do for You?

As one of the first audio production companies to post talent demos on the internet for easier talent selection, our mother company CMD is the #1 company in the industry to integrate voice over technology. With clients such as UNICEF, Mastercard, Mercedes Benz, Telemundo, Sony and many more, we have the unique opportunity to cast hundreds of our artists into commercial voice over gigs.

Whether you work exclusively with CMD or choose to branch out on your own, the skills you learn here will be invaluable. That knowledge and industry experience obtained from The Voice Shop professionals will provide you with a competitive advantage in a cut-throat industry.

What Types of Jobs are Available?

Voice over artists are in high demand in our digital world. From radio and podcasting to anime and virtual reality, the possibilities are endless. Here are some of the most popular voice over jobs on the market:

  • Automated Dialog Replacement

  • Anime

  • Audiobooks

  • Cartoons/Animation

  • Commercials

  • E-Learning

  • Internet

  • Radio

  • Telephone and IVR Jobs

  • Video Gaming

A majority of these jobs, you probably hadn’t even considered as being in the voice over industry. Wherever there is technology and innovation, there is sure to be a need for talented voice over artists.

Choose the Voice Shop today!

The Voice Shop offers courses on creating your professional voice over voice and persona. With billions of dollars in the voice over industry, now is the time to develop your lucrative voice over career. Along with our on-site classes, we offer dozens of online courses designed for the convenience of the busy professional. Working with CMD, your voice over career is right at your fingertips. Call 212-213-9487 to get started today!

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