How to Become a Voice Actress

Voice actors and actresses are always in high demand. Whether for radio segments, commercials, or any other type of media requiring a voice over, becoming a voice actress can be is a fun and rewarding career move.

There are a number of tips that can help you gain experience in the industry and start landing gigs, despite the competitive nature of voice acting. The Voice Shop is here to help you get started in becoming a successful voice over actress or actor.

Practice and Breathing Exercises

We have all heard it before; practice makes perfect. While the old adage may be overused, it still rings true, especially for voice actors and actresses. Voice overs require a strong and steady voice, and you should practice each day to improve reading scripts and changing your voice.

Oftentimes, one of the problems new voice over actors and actresses have is controlling their breathing and taking short, strong breaths at the right time. Luckily, there are many breathing exercises that can help you improve this. In fact, vocalists often use similar breathing exercises to improve their singing ability!

Record a Demo Reel

Once you have improved your voice and have gotten into a daily practice routine, you will want to showcase your skills with a voice over demo reel. Since voice over actresses have to be versatile, your demo reel will need to include your best work, voices, and various tones. 

Once you have recorded your demo reel and you are happy with it, you will need to begin building your personal brand and send your demo out to casting agencies and voice over casting directors. You can even submit your voice over demo reel to online sites dedicated to the industry, allowing you to get more visibility than you otherwise would.

Take Voice Over Lesson with The Voice Shop

Whether you are interested in becoming a voice actress or are already an established talent in the industry, taking voice over lessons from the Voice Shop can continue to improve your skills. 

We offer many different levels of voice over classes, both in our New York City studio and over Skype. We can even help you create your own demo and help give you advice and tips on where to submit your voice actress demo reel.
If you have any questions or are interested in signing up for a voice over class with the voice shop, contact us online, or simply give our Manhattan studio a call at 212.213.9487. 

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