Radio Voice Over Classes and Tips

If you are looking to get into voice over acting, radio is a good starting point. While it might seem surprising, radio reaches more Americans than any other form of media. With thousands of local radio stations and programs, radio voice over is an ideal starting point for many actors trying to get their foot in the industry.

What is a Radio Voice Over?

Radio personalities do a lot more than simply throw a record on and hope listeners tune in. Radio requires various voice overs for each segment, and radio casting directors will choose the actor that has the right tone to match the segment. 

In addition to radio segments, voice over actors can find work in radio commercials. Much like radio segments, casting directors will listen to dozens, sometimes hundreds, of voice over demos in order to find the voice that best matches the brand.

Once the voice over actor or actress has been chosen, the real work begins. The talent will record various takes of the script and then the producers will begin working on mixing the voice in with music and other voice overs to complete the final product before sending it off to radio stations to air between segments.

Radio Voice Over Tips and Tricks

If you are an experienced voice over talent, you likely know the steps to take in order to land a radio voice over gig. If you are just getting into the industry, there are a few tips that can help you succeed and land radio voice over work.

  • Record a Demo: One of the most important pieces of voice acting is to have a demo reel showcasing your ability and versatility. You can record your demo in your home studio or rent out space at an established recording studio. 
  • Send Your Demo to Agencies: Often times, radio producers will work with talent agencies to find the perfect voice over for their radio segment. Advertisement agencies will also use talent agencies to find talent for radio commercials.
  • Practice, Practice, Practice: Even established voice over actors and actresses continue to perfect their voice even once they are established in the industry. Continue to practice and take voice over classes to learn more tricks on how to improve your voice over work. 

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