Beginner Tips: Type of Voice Overs

The voice over acting industry is highly sought after and incredibly competitive. To differentiate yourself, you will need to choose the type of voice over to focus on. In short, there are many different types of voice overs, and you can read more about them with the Voice Shop at CMD.

Choosing Your Type of Voice Over

Once you have decided the voice over industry is for you, you will need to take steps to truly get your foot in the door. This includes taking voice acting lessons from the Voice Shop at CMD, creating a demo reel, and distributing it to agencies and casting directors alike.

You will also need to choose the type of voice overs to focus on. Narration, television commercials, and radio advertisements are just a few of the different types and each requires a specialized skill set and voice. Luckily, with the Voice Shop at CMD, we can help train your voice to meet the style and tone of the work your want to focus on.

For example, those who are interested in animation voice overs for kids will need to have a more playful tone, while a medical narration will require a more authoritative sound. Practice makes perfect and with our classes, you will be able to train your voice to become more versatile.

Voice Over Classes

Even established voice over talents continue to take voice over classes to further hone their skills. At the Voice Shop at CMD, we offer a variety of classes to help voice over talents continue to improve their skills. Whether you are in need of beginner’s classes, or more advanced techniques, our team of experts can help you improve on your skills to help land future voice over jobs.

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