Voice Over Classes in New York City

Voice over is a rapid-growing 15 billion dollar industry. Companies such as Mastercard, Mercedes Benz, Calvin Klien, NBC, and others have recruited CMD voice actors to record for their commercial needs. If you’d like to begin a career in voice over, CMD offers a variety of classes at our premium New York City recording facility. We will give you free consultations to help you determine which class is the best for you. Whether you are just beginning or would like to work with experts to touch up your skills, CMD classes will help you enhance your career.

Since 1998, CMD has cast, recorded, and mixed hundreds of voice artists. Our incredible roster of talent will help businesses tell their stories. Visit our website to listen to samples of our diverse voice talent. Business looking to build their brand and share a message will benefit from quality voice over. As the podcasting industry thrives and radio marketing continues to reach millions, businesses are turning to audio advertising. People trust a human voice more than a printed ad, and businesses need talented voice actors to meet their client needs.

Begin Your Voice Over Career 

Our mission at The Voice Shop at CMD is to help emerging talent establish the voice and skills necessary to succeed. Taking classes at an established studio such as ours will allow beginners to break into the lucrative voice over industry. Call 212.213.9847 for a free consultation today. We will give you an in-depth look at our different classes to determine the best fit for you. After a tour of the studio and a personal assessment, you can choose from our technique or mastery classes.

For those outside of New York, we offer webinar workshops so that people at home can learn how to improve their voice overs. Also, we help beginners learn how to self-direct their recordings so they can confidently run their personal studios. Students can then create their own demos under the direction and supervision of our coaches and audio engineers.

Those looking to learn the fundamentals of voice over or the intermediate essentials will benefit from our selection of classes. Foreign language speakers looking to break into the audio industry can come record and take classes with the Voice Shop at CMD. As podcasts and audiobooks continue to rise in popularity, businesses and studios need voice professionals. We have a proven client list of some of the largest companies, and they are always looking for talented individuals to tell their stories.

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Visit our website for more information about classes or to read testimonials from previous students. Also, read about our coaches and how they will help you begin your voice over career.

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