New York City Recording Studio

There is a growing demand for professional voice over artists. Audio production is a 15 million dollar industry, with over 50 million radio listeners every week. There is more competition than ever, and recording at a professional studio will help differentiate you from the rest.

The Voice Shop is a premiere casting, recording, and mixing studio that offers classes and consultations with seasoned industry veterans. Whether you are just starting out or are looking to hone your voice over skills, there is a Voice Shop class for you. We understand that the competition is fierce, and businesses want the best voices to tell their story. Our mission is to help students establish the skills necessary to succeed as professionals. Some of our past clients include Calvin Klein, NBC, Telemundo, and ESPN. We excel at meeting client needs and producing the highest standard of voice over.

If you’re ready to begin a career in voice over, or you are looking for a place to improve your skills, call 212.213.9487 for a free consultation. Our New York City Recording Studio is located in the heart of midtown Manhattan, located by Grand Central and Penn Station. Our Pro Tools HD rooms are fully equipped for voice over, narration, dubbing, ADR, and VR audio. Stop by for a visit, tour, or consultation, and we’ll show you into our comfortable studio.

Cast, Record and Mix

At The Voice Shop at CMD, we help businesses tell their story. Finding the right voice over has never been so easy. Check out our selection of voice over talent. We specialize in international casting with over 80 language and accents. Our expert casting directors will find the perfect voice for your business.

Our Pro Tools HD recording studio produces the highest level of voice over quality. Although our main studio is in New York, we can connect with artists across the world with ISDN and Source-Connect. In-house artists can record while enjoying the spacious, naturally-lit penthouse equipped with a lounge and kitchen. Hear your projects come to life with The Voice Shop’s premium recording technology that captures some of the world’s best voice over talent.

Once the casting and recording are complete, the final stage is mixing. At The Voice Shop at CMD, we work with some of the industry’s leading visionaries. Our audio mixing team will deliver a final product that sounds great across all platforms. We take production seriously, and we have mixed for Super Bowl commercials, podcasts, documentaries, and video games. Businesses can rest assured that at The Voice Shop, their project is in good hands.

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If you’re looking to expand your brand by telling its story, or you’re a voice actor who wants to begin a career in voice over, call us at 212.213.9487. For information about our classes, coaches, and previous clients, peruse our website today!

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