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For aspiring voice actors, harnessing your voice is essential. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done and requires a lot of practice and training. In fact, even established voice over actors continue training to ensure their voice is up to par for the industry. This is why we offer vocal classes in NYC, to help voice over actors find their perfect voice.

At The Voice Shop, we offer a wide range of vocal classes. From the Fundamentals of Voice Over acting to Intermediate Essentials and everything in between, we have the experience and tools to help you find your perfect voice. Of course, we also offer private lessons and if you aren’t able to visit our Manhattan studio, you can take our online Workshop Webinars.

Before you contact us to sign up for a class, let our expert staff explain each of our vocal classes in NYC to you in detail.

Fundamentals of Voice Over

In our introductory course, we are able to teach you a variety of fundamentals about the industry. This five-hour course will teach you common voice over techniques, allow you to record privately in the booth, and you will even receive a private evaluation.

We will also cover the differences between different voice over jobs. By covering the differences between commercials, promos, documentaries, and animations, we are able to help guide you toward the type of voice over work that appeals most to you.

Intermediate Essentials

Unlike our Fundamentals course, our Intermediate Essentials course is only three hours long, but you will gain more insight regarding various voice over topics. This course is also workshop focused, allowing for more active participation.

We also focus on more difficult voice over techniques to help you develop your voice. Vocal classes like this also help develop storytelling abilities. With this, you will be able to bring a story to life using your voice.

Private Lessons

Once you have completed our open enrollment vocal classes in NYC, private lessons may be the next step. In this, you will be set up with a one hour Skype lesson with Michael George, an established voice over actor. This vocal class is meant to further refine your voice over skills and help you take direction on projects from clients.

Workshop Webinars

Here at The Voice Shop, we offer two workshop webinar vocal classes. Our Marketing your Brand and Understanding the Industry course will help you learn how to get your name out there. We can teach you to build a website, and teach you recording session etiquette. We will also touch on union vs non-union voice over jobs and how to market your voice to casting agents and directors.

Our Building and Improving your Home Studio course will help you develop your home studio. We can help you understand the different types of equipment and how to select the right tools for your budget. Additionally, we will show you how to connect to remote parties via ISDN and source connect technologies, as well as other home studio essentials.

The Voice Shop: Vocal Classes NYC

If you are interested in taking any of our vocal classes in NYC, you can sign up on each of the vocal classes pages. Of course, you can also contact our Manhattan studio by calling 212.213.9487 to get started today.

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