Voice Over Classes for New and Working Artists

As with any company, we enjoy the excitement of creating and planning our vision for the year ahead, especially when it comes to what we can offer our students! This year, the Voice Shop is rolling out a wide array of classes to help you further expand your voice over abilities and grow as a creative, skilled artist.

The Voice Shop gears its classes toward both breakout actors and working artists looking to expand their capabilities, so we’re confident you’ll be able to find a class that suits your needs and interests. If you’re ready to contact a coach, feel free to call our studio today. Otherwise, read on to hear more about the new classes we’re offering in addition to our already stellar schedule.   

Essential Classes to Build Your Voice Over Skills

Technique Classes

As with any skill, technique is the foundation which allows you to perfect your skills as you move on to harder and harder concepts. Every first Thursday of the month, we’ll be offering a new and exciting technique class to help you sharpen your craft. During classes, you’ll work on vocal techniques such as pitch, pacing, value and volume. You’ll also learn about when and where to utilize these skills and how to introduce them into your “cold” reads. We recommend technique classes to anyone and everyone looking to hone and polish their voice over competence.

Master Class

On the second Saturday of each month, The Voice Shop will be bringing in expert coaches to provide our students with a unique Master class experience. These classes are for students wishing to learn from the best and who are ready to branch out and learn about different specialties within voice over acting. Master class subjects will be found soon under our class schedule!

Open Coaching

Two days each month will be dedicated to open coaching classes here at The Voice Shop. Open coaching classes provide a relaxed environment in which you’re able to work on specific skills, techniques or specialties along with fellow students and peers. Open coaching classes also provide the opportunity for multiple sources of feedback and help to foster connections you may not get through private coaching lessons. We welcome any and all skills sets in our open classes!

Online Skill Classes

Our online skill classes are designed to teach you about the business of building your voice over brand. Classes will go over things like creating your brand, taxes as a self-employed artist and audition techniques. While it’s important to be a skilled artist, you must be able to successfully promote and run your business in order to create a strong, likable brand. We highly recommend attending these online classes as they are a great addition to any voice over talent!

Expand Your Skills and Knowledge with The Voice Shop

Whether you’re a brand new artist just learning about the exciting world of voice over, or a seasoned actor looking to broaden your skills, we have something for you at The Voice Shop. If you’re ready to begin classes, you can contact our studio at 212-213-9487 or learn more by clicking here!

Phone: 212-213-9487
Email: info@voiceshopcoaching.com