The Business Of Commercial Voiceover

With Talent Agent Jason Sasportas

Jason’s webinar will offer an overview of the current voice-over climate, union versus non-union, commercial exclusivities and the importance of the demo.  He’ll also look at the advent of home studios and what kind of equipment is necessary for a competitive audition set-up.

How to Secure Representation

Networking, networking, networking!  Getting seen by agents and casting directors alike is important, but there’s a time and a place.  Learn ways to increase the likelihood of getting a response to your unsolicited email submission and the importance of the ever-delicate follow-up. 

The Dreaded Rejection

So, you received a response!  CONGRATS!!  But the response is thanks but no thanks.  Don't lose hope.  There are ways to turn this negative into a positive.   

Finally… You’ve Landed A Meeting with an Agent!

By phone or in person, we’ll discuss how to prepare for your meeting.  Energy is key!  It can be your best friend or worst enemy.  We’ll discuss tips and tricks for a successful meeting and how to navigate next steps.  Approached with an offer to sign?  Your work ain’t over.  Now what?  


Jason Sasportas initially trained as an actor and screenwriter at NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts before making the shift to the business side of entertainment.  He landed his first agency job at The William Morris Agency as an assistant, working for several theatrical agents, before joining their commercial department as booth director.  It was there that Jason fell in love with voice-over, able to draw upon his acting and writing experience to effectively direct talent, interpret copy and make informed creative choices. When Jason learned that Stewart Talent, a boutique agency in NY, was looking for an agent to start up their voice-over department, he jumped at the opportunity.  He got the job, built the department from scratch and for over a decade now has been successfully developing and nurturing the careers of his clients.  While commercials are his main focus, Jason covers all areas of voiceover, including audio books, promos, documentaries, industrials, animated series and video games.


Class Notes: no special prep is required. The webinar will be on Zoom.


 TBA, 2019
  7:00pmEST – 8:30pmEST

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