Why Voice Over Evaluations are Essential

When it comes to perfecting your voice in aspiring to find work as a voice over artist, there’s a variety of tasks and practices to employ. Whether you’re just finding your voice or are working to perfect it, there’s always ways to continue to improve your voice, whether it be through taking voice acting classes, reading information online, or simply practicing your techniques at home. However, one of the most beneficial practices you can take on is sitting down with a professional voice coach for evaluations. Voice over evaluations are crucial for anyone interested in working as a voice actor, as you can gain invaluable insight as to how you can alter your voice, improve your technique, and more.

Here at The Voice Shop At CMD, helping our aspiring voice over talents discover and improve their voices is at the heart of what we do. Though classes are also quite necessary in learning voice over and maintaining a career in such, voice over evaluations are a must—as many voice over coaches will tell you. With this, let’s take a look at what a VO evaluation entails and how it can benefit you as an aspiring voice actor.

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What is a Voice Over Evaluation?

Just like it sounds, a voice over evaluation involves sitting down 1-on-1 with a professional coach to allow them to hear your voice and watch you speak first hand. This gives the coaches the ability to listen to your voice while actually watching your technique, breathing, and body movements—all of which can impact the way in which you project your voice. Of course, these evaluations don’t only pertain to the sound of your voice and how you speak. Given that voice over requires more than simply a great voice, your coach must also assess the the way you read lines, your knowledge, and other factors.

Additionally, voice over evaluations can also be set in place to assess demos. Because your demo will ultimately define you as a voice actor and your abilities, it’s important to ensure your demo meets the general requirements. Not only that, but it should also perfectly demonstrate your abilities and the best of your voice. So, in having a professional evaluate your voice over demo, you can ensure it meets expectations and best displays your voice and skills.

Whether you seek an evaluation for your voice or voice over demo, each will cover similar disciplines.

How Do Voice Over Evaluations Work?

Depending on who you seek to evaluate your voice and/or demo, the evaluation process will vary. For the most part, you can either sit down face-to-face with a coach, who will then have you run through exercises and project your voice for them to assess. Similarly, and the way we do it here at the Voice Shop, you often have the option to sit down with your coach via web chat, such as Skype. As mentioned previously, it’s not just your voice the coach will assess in your evaluation, as there are other factors that will ultimately impact your success as a voice over artist. Typically, the voice over coach will consider the following aspects in your evaluation:

  • Your voice

  • Your skill level

  • Your technique and delivery

  • Your existing knowledge the necessary software for the industry

  • How well you can read from scripts and voice over copy

  • How willing you are to commit to the trade

  • The feasibility of you becoming a working artist

  • Disciplines suited for your voice (narration, animation, promo, etc.)

In regards to demos, the evaluation process can work a bit different. Quite often, you can simply send your demo to your coach, who can assess its content before calling you or sitting down with you face-to-face. Since any professional voice over coach will have examined countless VO demos, they’ll be able to compare yours with successful demos. Then, when speaking with you, they’ll go over a variety of ways you can improve your demo, whether it be leaving out a specific clip, or adding something in to make it more appealing.  

Benefits of Evaluations

Needless to say, the benefits of a voice over evaluation are far reaching. By having a professional assess your voice, skill, knowledge of the industry, among other factors, you’ll have a great idea of where you need to improve your trade and what direction you should go within the industry—which can ultimately help you land the perfect job.

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