What Constitutes a Good Voice Over Coach

If you are trying to break through into the voice over industry, one of the most helpful things you can get is a good voice over coach. A voice acting coach can help you find and improve your voice, share helpful tips, and become an invaluable resource later down the road. But finding a good coach is easier said than done, of course.

Now, you can find a good voice coach easily with the Voice Shop. We have some of the best coaches in all of New York City. Better yet, you don’t have to visit our New York City studio to reap the benefits of our voice lessons. You can take private lessons through Skype with our coaches, but we also offer a variety of voice over courses right here in NYC. 

Before you give us a call to set up the voice over lesson of your choice, let us fill you in on what to look for in a voice over coach and why it is important to get a quality coach early on in your career.

Traits that Make a Good Voice Over Coach

When searching for a voice acting coach to help you get started with your voice acting career, there are a number of traits you should look out for. Obviously, you should find a coach that will encourage you to produce your best work.

Also, experience should be a deciding factor. You do not want to get a voice coach that has never done their own voice over work. Sadly, this is all too common. Many coaches are simply masquerading as one and have little to no experience in the industry. Be sure to get credentials and referrals from previous clients before making your final decision.

Additionally, you should be sure your voice over coach is well-versed in recording and mixing audio. This requires a great deal of experience and education, but there are many voice coaches out there that meet this criterion. Along these same lines, you should be sure your coach has top-of-the-line audio equipment in their studio. This will help you distinguish the real thing from a pretender, as well.  

Importance of Voice Over Coaching

Voice over coaches do more than simply help you find your perfect voice. They are also able to help you improve upon your existing work so that you can land more jobs as well as provide key tips for voice acting. Additionally, a good coach will be there every step of the way and help you record a demo that will surely impress casting directors. 

Of course, you can also use your voice coach as a reference for future jobs. Your coach will be able to share your strong points with potential jobs and even help connect you to jobs that would be a good fit. And at the Voice Shop, our coaches will do just that.

Find Voice Over Classes With The Voice Shop

If you are looking to improve your technique or are just getting started, you might want to consider our list of voice classes and workshops. You can complete these on your own time rather finding a voice over school. Please see our list of voice over classes, which offer multiple levels of coaching.

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