Advanced Techniques

A Three part series of 3-hour class offering extended time in the booth.
Intensive instruction in a small class setting.

Advanced Voice Techniques
You know the technique, you can execute the technique; now you’ll learn to perfect it. Implement everything you’ve learned about voice over technique to attain the level of mastery.


Performance Focus
This class will maximize your time in the booth so you can gain confidence in your performance and take the driver’s seat by trusting your technique and self-direction.

Create Subtlety
Professionalism is in the details.  Explore the range of subtlety in the movement of your voice.  Maximize your narration and storytelling potential.


Vocal Muscle Memory
Develop your 'vocal muscle memory' so you can execute without thinking, and most importantly -without us hearing you 'try'. Attain an easy, seamless flow in voice over delivery so a top notch performance seems effortless.

Michael George has literally “done it all” when it comes to voice over. Having founded CMD in 1998, he has been an engineer, mixer, producer, director, casting professional, voice actor and of course a teacher. Michael's unique background allows him to approach the craft of voice acting with a more holistic sensibility. He believes the most important role of a voice over teacher is to help actors find their most authentic voice. Michael's voice has been heard all over the world - his credits include Evian, Kia, Hilton, Dannon, Coca Cola, Disney, Motorola, The NBA, KRAFT and Citibank.


Class Notes: no special prep is required.


48 hours notice before any class is required to cancel or reschedule without incurring a fee.
No refund will be given if you cancel within 48 hours of a class or do not show up.
50% refund will be given if you reschedule within 48 hours of a class.
We reserve the right to cancel a class if fewer than the minimum number of students enroll.

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