Voice Over For Stage Actors & Singers

2 & 1/2 hour Master Class on modifying your voice from stage to the mic.

Making The Transition
Understand what makes voice over performance unique and different from the projection normally needed on stage. Utilize your strengths as a performer to find the common ground in voice performance to seamlessly make the transition into the voice over industry.

Creating Characters
Play to your strengths as a performer and learn how to translate your skills from the stage to the booth. Adjust your performer vocabulary for narrative and commercial work. Establish your vocal “character”, “need”, and break down a text according to beats to suit the objectives of the job.

Modifying Direction
In the theater, everything exists in a heightened sense of reality. Every choice needs to be a big choice. But in VO work, a little can go a long way. Work on adapting to direction in smaller, subtler, yet powerful ways. Students will have the chance to work with copy, receive feedback, and learn how to modify their tone and delivery in the most effective way possible


Microphone Technique
Utilize the mic to help establish nuance and color in your narrative. Learn to trust the mic to pick up your voice and channel the instinct to project.

Jessica Schecter

Jessica Schechter is the Director of Education for The Voice Shop as well as a VO talent for CMD. She has an MFA in Directing from the Actors Studio Drama School and a Bachelors degree in Educational Theatre from NYU. She has worked with ADP, Ex Vivo Dynamics, Ohel service organization, and has recorded broadcast PSAs. Jessica is a director member of The Actors Studio's playwright director's unit and teaches public speaking and theater in two different universities. Jessica is co-producing and acting in a comedic web series called "Soon By You".  She is very excited to be a part of The Voice Shop team.


Class Notes: nothing needed to prepare for this class


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  6:00pm – 8:30pm
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