Voice Over For Audiobooks

3 & 1/2 hour Master Class on audiobook narration techniques.

The most important part of narrating audiobooks is being yourself.  Your voice and your interpretation of a story won't sound like anyone else--and that's your biggest asset!  We'll make sure you are bringing yourself to your reads and allowing you to become a part of the story.

Understanding what you're talking about and passing on the information in the best way possible is the only way a listener can understand what's happening in a story.  We'll talk about melody, emphasis, accepting gifts from the author, and how to really ask questions.

Emotional Honesty
The emotional content of a story is what people connect to and why they want to listen for upwards of 20 hours.  Knowing how your protagonist feels and what their opinion is should color everything you say.  Making sure we are connected in every moment, whether narrating first or third person, is how we engage with our listener.

Audiobooks are just a person telling their story.  With a focus on subtlety, smallness, and being as real-to-life as possible with execution, we'll create honest, relatable performances.


Jayme Mattler has spent years working in voiceover as an engineer, director, producer, and voice talent. She has recorded over 700 audiobooks as an engineer/director and over 50 as a narrator.  Her work in the industry led her to the SAG-AFTRA Foundation where she was one of the founding engineers at the EIF Voiceover Lab, coaching and directing actors on the art of voiceover. Over the years she has worked on audiobooks for Audible, Harlequin, Penguin Random House, Simon and Schuster, Recorded Books, Harper Collins, and ACX. She has recorded two Grammy nominated projects, as well as many Audies award-winning and nominated books. At present, she is the NYC Producer/Director for Blackstone Publishing.


Class Notes: nothing needed to prepare for this class


  6:00pm – 9:30pm
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