Should I Take More Advanced Podcast Courses?

As a professional podcaster it’s your duty to bring in as many listeners as possible. This can be done through word-of-mouth or social media advertising. Constantly advertising your podcast is one way of drawing in more crowds. However, if you don’t have the content they are seeking they will not stay. This means you need to constantly think of new bits for your show or innovate it in ways people don’t see coming.

There’s always enough information out in the world for you to constantly learn new ways to drive in listeners. This can be through finding small details making your podcast better, finding a new hosting company or even taking professional voice over classes. They will help you hone your already developed skills, but they’ll also show you different ways of using your experience to your benefit.

Honing Your Skills

You already have knowledge about the pitch you should speak in and the volume of your voice. This is what led you to have thousands of listeners already. Despite this, bringing in a well-rounded, diverse audience will rely on how you market yourself or how your show is run; such as the subtlety in your speech patterns. Slight alterations in your voice is enough to persuade certain audiences to follow your career.

However, the class will also help you master vocal muscle memory. This way, when you do start to loosen up your voice will be a consistent tone for your listeners. This creates fluctuations in your voice, causing distractions for your audience. Muscle memory will also prevent the notion of you “trying” to podcast. When it’s noticeable you are trying to make a podcast fun it can deter people away. Whether it’s the fact you are trying to hard or they believe you aren’t trustworthy, it’s still the same result; leaving your podcast.

Although, podcasting isn’t just about speaking into a microphone and having other people listen to it. It involves flare and charisma when you narrate a story or play a sketch. You need to be able to convince your audience this is an important topic they need to know. It needs to be palpable how much you care about your podcast. These podcast classes will help you master the art of voice over acting.

Going to a Professional Voice-Over School

Applying to go to a professional voice-over school can be intimidating, but it will surely help you in the long-run. Whether you have just started podcasting or have been doing it for years, there’s always room to improve your abilities. No one can claim they have perfected podcasting, because there’s no truly perfect way to podcast.

Everyone has their own style when it comes to podcasting. Some people are more dynamic and others are subtler. The Voice Shop at CMD in New York wants to harness the skills people already have. You will find something pertinent to your career in their vast catalog of classes they offer. The skills they will teach you is guaranteed to help you survive in this tough career field, as well as build a bigger audience.

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