Fundamentals of Voice Over Coaching in New York City

Voice over acting was once an area that only washed up actors went into. That’s not the case today, as the industry has become one of the most popular and sought after services. Voice overs are not nearly as easy as many think. Even those who have studied voice acting for years may not have perfected their voice yet. The first step to getting to the point where you are sought after is through voice over coaching.

Luckily for all the aspiring voice over talents in New York City, the Voice Shop provides voice over coaching for everyone. We can help you learn about the fundamentals of voice overs or the intermediate essentials to get a step further in the industry. Of course, we also offer private lessons so you can get the information you need without the overwhelming anxiety that often comes with larger classes.

Before you visit our New York City studio, let our experts share the fundamentals of voice over coaching and how we can help you get a foot in the voice acting door.

Voice Over Coaching for Every Industry

Think about the numerous disciplines in which a voice over is needed. Many people think about T.V. commercials and movie promos, but in fact, there are countless industries that utilize voice overs. You may need voice acting training for different voice over industries to increase your versatility, which will only open up more job opportunities. 

For example, radio promos require a different sound and tone than a T.V. spot would. With T.V., you have the benefit of having visuals to go along with your voice over. With radio, however, you might have music, but other than that the only thing the user will hear is your voice. This requires your voice to be able to capture and hold the user’s attention.

This is one of the most important reasons to take part in voice acting training. A voice over coach will be able to help you learn these fundamentals and help you train your voice to match the perfect tone.

What to Look for in a Voice Over Coach

A good voice over coach will help you find the perfect range for your voice and help train it to become more versatile. But not every voice over coach is equal in this respect. When searching for a voice over coach, there are a number of considerations to take into account. Some of the things to look for in a voice over coach are:

  • Voice Over Experience: One of the most beneficial things you can find in a qualified voice over coach is experience. This can allow them to train you better as they know what casting directors are looking for.

  • Recording and Mixing Skills: Voice over coaches should have the knowledge of how to mix and record audio correctly. This requires skill and experience with the programs often used in the industry.

  • Previous Clients Success: Previous client success is another solid indicator of how good a coach is. If the coach’s previous clients are successful, you may have found a good voice over coaching agency.  

Contact The Voice Shop Today for Voice Over Coaching Lessons

If you are looking to get into the voice over talent industry, check out the voice over coaching options from the Voice Shop. Voice over courses are a great way to develop your voice and learn proper techniques. Plus, our coaches are well-versed in everything related to voice overs so you can be sure they are a good option. Be sure to take a look at each of our voice over acting classes to find one that suits your skill level. Of course, you can contact us here, or give our New York City studio a call at 212.213.9487 to learn more and sign up.

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