Voice Over Coaching: What Does it Entail?

As opposed to singing lessons, voice over coaching involves finding your voice, perfecting it, and utilizing it in a way that stands out and is fit for the voice over industry. Of course, there are plenty of voice over coaches who work with aspiring singers, though a voice over coach most often works on speech and communication with voice talent. Regardless of what’s covered within classes, voice coaching is often necessary for those who’d like a career in voice overs.

If you are the aforementioned aspiring voice talent, the Voice Shop in New York City can help you start your path to landing a gig in the entertainment industry. While this always involves hard work, skill, proper technique and more, starting out with voice over coaching will surely be beneficial. Whether you’re just getting started in voice acting or would like to brush up on your technique, voice over coaching can help. Plus, the Voice Shop offers a range of voice over courses for every level. Now, take a closer look at voice over coaching and how a voice acting coach can help you start your path to a working VO talent. 

What’s Involved in Voice Over Coaching?

Within singing, voice coaching essentially applies to the output of an individual's voice. That is: execution, vocal arrangements, phrasing, articulation, pitch, volume, etc. Within the voice over industry, voice coaching is quite similar, but it's more appropriate to be called voice over coaching. A voice over coach can provide much more, though.

Given that most voice over coaches are experienced professionals, they can give you much-needed insight to the industry. This could include where your voice would be the best fit, how to approach agencies, what to include on your demo, and more. Plus, at the Voice Shop, our coaches can guide you in building your own recording studio and even help you develop the skills to market your own brand through voice over. In short, working with a voice acting coach could present numerous advantages to your and your path to starting a career in voice over.

How Voice Over Coaching Benefits You

Regardless of your current skill set, voice over coaching really offers something for everybody. It’s beneficial in finding your voice, perfecting your technique, and landing jobs as a voice talent. Take a look at the list of benefits below to learn more:

  • Improve your delivery, speaking with color and emotion.

  • Learn techniques such as increasing volume without shouting.

  • Perfect the speed of your speaking

  • A coach will serve as an extra set of ears, observing your speech and vocal range.

  • A coach will point out strengths and help you improve other areas.

  • They’ll also help you create the perfect demo.

Overall, voice over coaching can help in nearly every aspect of voice overs. No matter where you need improvement, the right coach will help you find the right voice, apply it to a certain industry, and help you land gigs. In addition to taking classes with our coaches, you can find plenty of helpful information on the pages below:

Benefit from Coaching with the Voice Shop

No matter your skill set, anyone can take advantage of voice over coaching. Experienced professionals can assist you in every discipline, from finding your voice to setting up your very own studio. More importantly, voice coaching will help you develop the skills necessary in making it as a voice talent and marketing yourself for such.

If you’re interested in benefitting from our voice over coaching, be sure to contact the Voice Shop in NYC today. You can give us a call at 212.213.9487 to learn more. We offer classes, private lessons, and even webinars—sign up today!


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