Voice Over Classes FAQ

Here at the Voice Shop, we offer a range of voice over classes both in our New York studio in online so aspiring voice actors can learn the industry and techniques to get their careers started. However, we don’t only gear our classes toward beginners. We offer classes for every level of voice actor, whether that’s helping you record a demo or providing insight as to how to market yourself as a voice over artist.

Regardless of our classes and your skill level, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions for you to peruse so you can get a better idea of which classes are right for you. Take a look below.

Voice Over Classes FAQ

What’s the difference between vocal classes and voice over classes?

Vocal classes are specifically geared toward singing. Voice over classes, like those we offer at the Voice Shop, cater to aspiring voice actors. Whether you’re interested in voice acting in movies and TV, narration, or any other discipline within voice over, voice over classes can help you perfect your voice for such.

What kind of voice over classes do you offer?

We have a range of classes, which you can find on our Classes page. In short, we offer in-person classes, private lessons online, and workshop webinars.

Are classes designed for those just getting into voice over?

We do have classes for beginners, but we don’t limit them to such. As mentioned above, our voice acting classes cater to varying levels of voice actors. For instance, our Fundamentals of Voice Over class is great for those just getting started, though our Workshop Webinars are better suited for those with experience.  

How will voice over lessons help me become a voice actor?

Practice makes perfect. Sure, you can search online for voice acting tips and other means of help, but you won’t get the insight and knowledge you can from voice classes. In a class, the voice over coach can watch and listen to you speak and make suggestions accordingly. Plus, you’ll be learning from an experienced professional. We’re not saying our classes will automatically get you VO jobs, but they’ll certainly help you become a stronger voice over artist.

Do I absolutely need to take classes?

Not necessarily, but classes can’t hurt. Those committed to a voice over career never stop learning. In fact, some successful voice talents have even taken acting classes to help perfect their voice acting skills.

How about an agent? Is having one necessary?

It often depends. For those just getting started in the industry (once you’ve taken classes or at least created a demo) having representation can help you land more jobs and make new connections, but there are plenty of voice actors who can go without them.

How about the Voice Shop coaches? Who are they?

Our coaches, Michael George and Allyson Johnson, are established voice over actors. When it comes to voice over, they’ve really done it all. This gives them the insight and experience necessary to help aspiring voice actors of every level better learn the industry, techniques, and more.

How can you help me create a great demo?

First of all, we have a state-of-the-art recording studio right here in New York City. In our Create Your Demo class, of which there are a few options, you’ll have access to our studio, a voice coach, and experienced audio engineer—if that’s the package you choose. You can view the options here.

What other resources can help me become a voice actor?

In addition to classes and voice over workshops, we have plenty of VO resources here on our site that can help you improve your skills and gain valuable insight into the industry. To help you get started, we've provided some helpful pages below:

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