The Varying Roles of a Talent Management Company

If you’ve worked in the talent industry, you’re probably familiar with the many roles of a talent management company. Within these companies you’ll find a variety of roles. So many, in fact, that it’s hard to keep up with what everyone does. You have talent agents, talent scouts, casting agents, and a variety of other positions, all of which go into curating talent to some degree. As such, we wanted to discuss some of these roles, and the work they entail!

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What is a Talent Management Company?

While the term talent management will ring a bell for some, many don’t know what talent management is, or what a talent management company does. In truth, talent management companies are paramount in recruiting, maintaining, and developing some of the best talent out there. While many compare talent management companies to HR, they have some key differences that are highlighted below.

Who is Involved in a Talent Management Company?

  • Talent Agent: Talent agents work with talents themselves, doing everything from casting, negotiating contracts, and handling invoices and payments. Talents are typically paid through commission from the contracts they negotiate.

  • Talent Scout: Talent scouts are responsible for finding and selecting new voice talents. New talent might be highly trained, or they might have no training at all. They might be found in acting classes, on voice over networking websites, or they might be someone just walking down the street. As a prospective talent, beware of talent scouts who are solely interested in your money!

  • Casting Agent: As you might expect, the casting agent is responsible for casting roles in any given project. In some cases, the talent agent and casting agent can be filled as one role, but they are often separate entities.

  • Casting Director: The casting director contacts talent or their agents, directs the casting process, and compiles the finalists in the selection process.

  • Advertising Agency: The advertising agency creates or markets products or services being sold. Advertising companies create a diversity of marketing communication products, like radio commercials, web videos, and similar audio products.

  • Producer: This is often an individual or agency that produces a film, commercial, game, tour, or similar productions. Some producers will prefer to do casting themselves.

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