Online Voice Over Classes

For those seeking a career in voice over, namely the entertainment industry, there’s plenty you can do to perfect your voice, learn new techniques, and find work. However, to expedite the process and fully understand the industry, voice over classes are often necessary. For instance, we here at the Voice Shop offer a variety of classes to help get your voice over career of the ground. Of course, voice over lessons don’t only cater to entry level voice talents. Classes can be beneficial for voice over artists of any skill level. In short, voice over classes may be just what you need to develop your voice and start landing voice acting gigs.

While we offer a range of classes right here in New York City, we also offer classes for those throughout the country. Our online voice over classes, including webinars, are perfect for those looking to better their voice in delve into the world of voice over. Offered via Skype with our professional voice over coaches, you can get one-on-one time with VO experts from the comfort of your own home. Take a moment to learn more about our online offerings and how voice over classes could help you.

Why Online Voice Over Classes are Beneficial

While any aspiring voice over talent should be comfortable with speaking in front others, many beginners struggle to truly project their voice in the presence of others. With this, online voice over classes can be very advantageous. In the privacy or your home, you’ll feel more comfortable in practicing techniques. Of course, this is only one small benefit to online lessons.

When working in private, the voice over coach can focus their attention directly on you. You can ask specific questions and use each class you sign up in for certain disciplines, as well as work at your own pace. As you can see, our online voice over lessons aren’t only directed toward beginners. No matter your skill level, you can choose what to work on in each of your online sessions, touching upon advanced techniques and much more. Don’t forget, private voice over lessons aren’t the only online option we offer. You can also take part in our webinars!

Workshop Webinars

In addition to the private online voice over lessons offered via Skype, our workshop webinars can provide further insight into the voice over industry. Catering to those who’ve developed their voice and looking for work, our Marketing Your Brand webinar will teach your key points on self promotion, marketing to agencies and casting sites, and how to market your own brand. Our second webinar, Building & Improving Your Home Studio, will teach you just that.

Sign Up for Online Voice Over Classes Today!

Clearly, we have online voice over classes for everyone. No matter you skill level or aspirations, classes from the Voice Shop are surely beneficial. Plus, we offer much more than our online classes and webinars. Be sure to check out each of our offerings to find a class that best suits you!

If you’re interested in any of our classes, sign up before it’s too late. If you have any questions, be sure to contact us today. You can also call us at 212-213-9487.

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